GDX Online Portal Pilot Competition 2022

Complete the Gender Identity and Gender Expression in South African Schools Course and you could win!

Competition eligibility requirements:

  • Participant must at least be 18 years old (legally required in SA)
  • Participant is a Life science or Life orientation teacher, an academic or lecturer with a focus on SOIGIESC or health science, or a parent of a student or learner in the Education system (primary, secondary or tertiary) in SA who wants to learn about gender identity and expression.
  • Participant must live /work in South Africa
  • GDX staff and family is NOT eligible for the competition, or for the referral tally
  • Participant must complete the course between August 12, 2022 and January 30, 2023.
  • Participant must complete the feedback survey sent via email.
  • Only participants who meet the criteria above (i.e. people who are eligible and complete the course in August) will count towards the winner’s final referral tally.

NB: You’re not eligible? No problem! If someone is not eligible based on the above criteria, they may still take the course, but they won’t be eligible to win the prizes and they won’t count towards the winners’ eligible referrals, HOWEVER, they may still qualify for the data reimbursement if they are in the first 100 participants.