Course Objectives

The first lesson gives the rights framework for including all children in our school environment, including transgender and gender non-conforming children. It explains how the principle of the best interest of the child must be applied in making all decisions about children

The second lesson gives you the language you need to talk about sex and gender. It asks you to be aware of rank and the use of power in your school contexts. It challenges you to look at your own thinking and meaning on these terms and be aware of messages you send out into the class room and into the school

The third lesson is a section on gender development and transitioning for transgender children gives you the information you need to have a conversation with parents

The fourth lesson looks at gender across the grades and specific age appropriate activities are given for promoting safe and inclusive class rooms and talking about trans and gender non-conforming children

The fifth lesson deals with the specific steps involved in assisting a child to socially transition at school. It is focused at all members of a team who would help to facilitate this process including you the teacher, the school counsellor, principal, gender specialist, parents and any other relevant person

The sixth and final lesson deals with general policies and procedures a school can adopt to create a safer more inclusive environment